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With the New Year approaching, wedding trends are shifting toward a new style. New decorations and color schemes are becoming increasingly popular as 2014 comes to a close. It isn’t necessary that you stick with the trends when it comes to planning your wedding, the most important thing is making sure your decorations and colors are ones that you enjoy, but here are the upcoming wedding trends of 2015 if you are looking to incorporate what is popular into your special day.

Church Décor

Many churches have strict rules about what decorations are allowed. For instance, some churches don’t allow decorations on the floor, including runners down the aisle. Make sure you are aware of these limitations when planning your decorations. This also means taking into consideration different hanging decorations off of the pews. Trends for 2015 include hanging flowers off of the pews instead of placing them on the ground. The lining of the aisle at waist level instead of on the ground makes for beautiful photography of the bride walking down the aisle. Bows made out of ribbon are also increasingly popular, allowing the bride to save money on flowers while still having beautiful decorations along the aisle and pews.

Save the Date Cards

With so many families spread all across the country or even the world, sending your save the date cards can become a hassle, and not to mention expensive with postage. The trend is shifting toward E-vites and emailed invitations. While still using your engagement pictures, you can upload them to a site and create your own invitation and submit them through email. This can also be much quicker than addressing all the envelopes and can look just as nice as printed cards! One example of a site that allows you to create and send these invitations is Green Envelope.

Color Schemes

One of the biggest shifts in wedding trends for the upcoming year has been the color pallets. Many pastel colors are being combined with dark, strong colors to create interesting color schemes. Navy paired with cream and blush is becoming increasingly popular, as are shades of dark green paired with light tans. Earthy colors such as ivory and brown are also making an increased appearance.

Whether you choose to stick with the trends or stray far from them, the most important thing is that you love your wedding décor. The trends may guide you, but make sure you enjoy everything you are incorporating, as it is your special day!

About the Author: Kelly is a guest contributor from http://www.theperfectcardbox.com/, specializing in wedding card boxes built to store and protect your cards while displaying your engagement photos on the outside.

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