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When starting a small business or trying to find new ways to boost revenue and increase traffic, direct mail marketing is a tried and true way to reach your prospective clients and revenue goals. Here are 21 of the most important key phrases you will need to familiarize yourself with:

1. /M — Per thousand.
2. /MM — Per million.
3. Abandoned Call — Where the caller disconnects before the end of the call or while on hold.
3. Affinity — A connection between a group and the offer being made that holds meaning.
4. Average Order Value(AOV) or Average Ticket – The total value of the orders divided by the quantity of orders.
5. Barcode — A series of vertical bars that holds a code allowing immediate access to the seven digit zip code for the parcel.
6. Business Reply Card (BRC) — A card that has a reply form on one side and a formatted address on the other. This card is postage-paid.
7. Break Even Analysis – The analysis to see where revenue coming in reaches the amount spent to get that revenue.
8. Backlink or Inbound Link – any link received by a web node (external website/link) from another web node.
9. Carrier Route Sort — Sorting the mail by delivery route before sending it out to cut postal costs.
10. Content Marketing – Any form of marketing that has media and publishing content as a means to bring in customers.
11. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) — A way to bring in more revenue and keep up customer satisfaction by bettering customer experiences with a business and the services and/or products offered.
12. Deal – A limited time of hyped up, locally focused discounts and bonus offers, such as group rates, online.
13. Direct Mail — Any means of sending advertisements for a business directly to a residence or other physical business, such as flyers, self-mailers, and catalogues.
14. DMA (Designated Market Areas) – A method used by Nelson Media Research to find the specific area a television broadcast signal reaches to.
15. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – The way the performance of a campaign is measured, such as total send or average ticket.
16. Landing Page — The web page that shows up when one clicks a traffic link from another website.
17. Local Search – A form of search engine optimizer that is in reference to a search that has been specified to a user’s current location.
18. Response Rate — The ratio of the number of responses to the total quantity of prospective customers initially got the offer.
19. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – A form of marketing that focuses on leading traffic to a website or other landing page through paid advertising networks and search engines.
20. Search Engine Optimization or SEO – The form of marketing that focuses on bringing organic (or non-paid) traffic to a website.
21. Value Proposition – The special feature or advantage you can bring to a customer that will put you ahead of the competition.

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