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You’ve picked out your dress, your tuxedo, the flowers, and the venue. Everything else is ready to go – but what about your wedding songs? Your first dance as a married couple is a highlight of the reception, so it’s important to choose the perfect song. And everyone loves to dance at wedding receptions, so make sure to pick tunes that will get your guests moving! No matter your taste in music, there’s a suggestion on this list (from 8tracks playlist curator katiebean) that will appeal to you.

The First Dance

  • L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole. The classic that can never be forgotten.
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – Ingrid Michaelson or Elvis Presley. No matter which artist you choose, this song is beautiful and bittersweet. Ingrid Michaelson’s version features a bare-bones piano accompaniment to go along with her heart-wrenching, eye-watering vocals.
  • God Only Knows – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. or the Beach Boys
  • First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes or Sarcastic Dharma Society
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  • I Will – The Beatles
  • No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses. “No one’s gonna love you more than I do,” sings lead vocalist Ben Bridwell.
  • From This Moment On – Shania Twain. A 90’s classic, great for fans of cheesy country music.
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice – the Beach Boys
  • Eve, the Apple of My Eye – Bell X1. A gorgeous, bittersweet, piano-driven song that’s perfect for any contemporary couple.
  • Sea of Love – Cat Power. Similar in sound to Ingrid Michaelson’s Elvis cover (above), this tune has beautiful love-filled lyrics.
  • Call Me When You Get This – Corinne Bailey Rae. A moderate-tempo song with a little dash of funky guitar, keyboard, and drums, as well as orchestral elements. Although this is a middle-of-the-album track that is often overlooked, it features gorgeous melodies and excellent accompaniment.
  • Honey and the Moon – Joseph Arthur. This could be a first dance song or you could play it if you want to slow things down a bit for your guests. This is a sweet, acoustic-driven song with a good beat and beautiful vocals.

For the Guests: Besides the obvious wedding-reception favorites (Hall and Oates, Michael Jackson, and the Rolling Stones anyone?), here are a few suggestions for modern-day dance party hits.

  • Electric Feel – MGMT
  • Heart Attack – Raphael Saadiq. Funky, bluesy rock with flavors of old-school artists like Sly Stone.
  • Tongue Tied – Grouplove. This song will get everyone at your reception on their feet!
  • Rich Girls – The Virgins. A very danceable post-punk/dance-punk song with strong drums and guitar.
  • If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix. Easy to dance to, low-key and funky, with a disco feel.
  • Holidays – Miami Horror
  • Cooler than Me (Single Mix) – Mike Posner. The “single mix” designation is important – this version features danceable beats and an excellent synth line.
  • That’s What’s Up – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • Give a Little More – Maroon 5 (this band has MANY songs that are great to dance to).
  • Midnight City – M83
  • Girl Talk’s All Day mixtape – a non-stop mashup of current hits and old favorites. Blends hip-hop, classic rock, dance, and pop into a really great album.

This post was written by a guest contributor for The Perfect Card Box, the premier source for patented wedding card holders and card boxes for all occasions!

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