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Sitting all day in the same chair is no good for you. It’s no good for your back or your health. It’s important to get up and walk around every so often for a few minutes, but sometimes, that isn’t always easy to do when you have a lot of work to take care of before the clock strikes 5.

There are, however, other alternatives to the work space you have now at work. Ditch your classic, normal desk and uncomfortable chair for an alternative option.

The Standing Desk

Standing desks, or stand-up desks are desks that allow you to write, read, and work while standing. These work stations are typically adjustable, so you may sit if you need to, or sit using a stool. Desks that are adjustable are usually referred to as sit-stand desks, and is much healthier than a sit-only desk. There have been studies that have linked sitting for prolonged periods to disease and health problems, though the jury is still out whether or not standing also has some negative health effects.

Regardless, standing versus sittign has proven to be on the healthier side of the spectrum. Studies have shown that while standing, the heart beats 10 beats faster per minute than while sitting.

The LoungeĀ Chair

While this is evokes sittingĀ or laying down nonetheless, a lounge chair at your desk allows for you to relax a bit more than if you are sitting up straight. While a lounge chair will not work well with a typical desk, a chair like this works well if you work off a laptop or tablet, which you can easily rest on your lap.

Lounging for a bit during the work day can relax your mind, and even help you work at a more productive pace.

imagesThe Balance Ball Chair

A stability chair not only helps with your balance, it helps your muscles throughout the day. Sitting in a chair requires no muscle activity whatsoever, so a balance ball chair can help with poor posture, and increase core strength. Although poor posture isn’t totally unavoidable with this type of chair, it certainly helps promote it more than an ordinary chair.

It helps maintain balance and even improve muscle tone.

This is a guest post provided by Corporate Office Interiors, providing ergonomic office furniture in the Lansing, Detroit, and Kalamzoo, Michigan areas.

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