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We’ve all seen the MTV show Jersey Shore¬†that shows a group of young adults spending a summer partying in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. We’re here to let you know that no….Jersey Shore isn’t all tan “guidos”. New Jersey is a beautiful Eastern state with the shoe being a popular tourist attraction for families. Here are five new Jersey myths debunked by our experts on the state.

Seaside Heights is the place to be

Well, not anymore. Now Seaside Heights is full of tacky clubs and people trying to reenact the antics of the popular show. It used to be where the best clubs were on the Shore. If you’re looking for a Jersey Shore vacation destination with both beach and fun, check out Ocean Grove. Ocean Grove has a beach, shops to explore, and a bit of history too. Book a stay at an Ocean Grove hotel and you’ll see how much more calm and family-friendly the town is.

Everyone has the New Jersey/Italian accent

While there are several Italian families that call New Jersey home, no not everyone has the famous New Jersey/Italian accent. Not all of the people talk like Snooki and call themselves “meatballs”. You’re sure to meet many different people during your trip here. But if you are looking for Italian food, you’re sure to find some of the best in New Jersey.

You won’t find any restaurants that aren’t diners

As mentioned above, ITALIAN FOOD! We all know about the famous disco fries and hoagies you can get at local diners. However, New Jersey also has fine dining. You’re sure to find not just fancy Italian restaurants but a whole array of ethnic restaurants in the area. If you’re staying in the Ocean Grove area, we recommend Daniel’s Bistro By The Sea for a nice meal.

The Jersey Shore isn’t very pretty

It’s not all one big sloppy party. In fact, the Jersey Shore’s beaches are beautiful. The soft white sand and turquoise Atlantic is a great place to spend a summer day. The area is also home to a lot of marine wildlife and native bird species. There are several beach towns to pick from too, not all of them are the same. If you visit some of the smaller towns like Ocean Grove, you’ll find small town streets lined with historic buildings.

Everyone in New Jersey has the same lifestyle

No, not everyone is a tan 20-something that likes to party. New Jersey is very diverse with a good mix of college kids and working class families. It’s also one of the wealthiest states in the U.S.

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