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Freeze drying food is a technique that some cultures have practiced for centuries. However, modern western civilizations started experimenting with freeze dried foods after the end of World War II. Use of this technique for preservation of perishable items had been successful during the war.

There are a considerable number of advantageous benefits to be enjoyed by utilizing the freeze dried process for foods. Here is a listing of the five advantages that surprised me the most.

Freeze Dried Food Is Preserved for Years

Amazingly, freeze dried food can be stored, without refrigeration for many years. As long as the frozen item was vacuum packed immediately after the freeze dry process is completed the food can be used many years later.

Freeze Dried Food Retains Original Taste Texture and Aroma

This one really was a shock. The normal ways to preserve food in the past was through normal freezing or by heated desiccation. Both of those process have their merits, but not for food that needs to be preserved for a long time. By removing water and all moisture freeze dried products lose none of their original characteristics, once rehydrated with fresh water when you are ready to use them.

Freeze Dried Foods Stay Fresh – Even With Room Temperature Storage

With this type of food preservation you do not even need a cooler or freezer. The removal of the water and the vacuum packing system keep the food amazingly fresh and good tasting.

Athletes and Explorers Have Used Freeze Dried Food Everywhere on Earth and Beyond

Imagine food cooked at home eaten on the top of Mount Everest or any other high mountain top in the world. From the depths of the sea to the highest mountain ranges freeze dried foods have been there. Astronauts have even eaten freeze dried foods on the moon and on almost every space launch.

Freeze Drying Is Not Like Normal Freezing

The process of freeze drying food is involved and complex. There are four separate and specific steps in the process to properly freeze dry food. In most cases special equipment is required to complete all four steps in the freeze drying process.

If you travel or camp or want to store food in case of emergencies, you should investigate the use of freeze dried food products. You might be surprised at the uses for this type of food, in sports, at home or even on the job.

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