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I love the outdoors as much as the next guy, and the summer sun brings me sweet memories of camping outside and long days at the beach. But when it comes to my house, I want to keep the outdoors out. On a humid day, I want the air conditioning going and not even a speck of soil on my floors. In any season that’s not easy, but in the summer it’s especially hard. With kids playing outside, me doing yardwork, and the pets doing who knows what, it’s hard to tell where the backyard ends and the living room begins. Despite it all, there are some tried and true methods to keep your indoor space uncontaminated.

Place rugs strategically by the front and back door to keep as much dirt concentrated in the entryway as possible. Caring for my hardwood floors is hard, and it gets even tougher when dirt scratches up the surface. There are plenty of good looking rugs that aren’t corny “welcome” mats, so even interior decor enthusiasts can get on board with this tip.

Try bamboo blinds to keep sun out of your house on hot days. This helps keep your home cool without running the A/C constantly, and they are a lot prettier to look at than other blinds. Plus, bamboo is a renewable resource so you’re helping the environment in more ways than one.

Investigate pest entrances like cracks in your foundation, torn window screens, wall penetrations around cables and wires, etc. Seal them up with latex caulk to help avoid infestations from all manner of pests.

Dehumidify to keep your home free of mold and other pollutants, and to make your home less hospitable to bugs. Keep humidity under 50% and clean your equipment regularly to make sure it’s working efficiently.

Take off your shoes to avoid tracking dirt all through your house. Guests already do this politely, but you may take the luxury of keeping them on in your own house. Go shoeless or get a pair of slippers to wear around the house and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

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