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It is time to go back to school again which means it is time to play those stupid ice breaker games. It seems like every professor and teacher thinks it is necessary to play these games, when really it isn’t. In grade school, everybody, except for the one or two new kids know each other already and in college most people could care less where Bob and Susie went to high school and who their favorite Jersey Shore character is.  Nonetheless, these games are still popular in the classroom so I’m going to have fun with it and answer a common ice breaker question, “If you could be any animal, what would it be?”

Before I tell you what animal I would be I want to give you a pointer for answering this question. Have an entertaining answer and get a laugh out of people because NOBODY really truly cares what animal you want to be. Don’t have a boring answer like, “I would be a dog because they get to sleep all the time.” On second thought, your answer is as boring as someone that does sleep all day and night, so if that’s really what you like to do then go for it I guess. One dull answer is enough though, so let’s move on to what animal I would be.

If I was an animal, I would be an AARDVARK and here are all my great reasons why —

Reason 1: Aardvarks have a sticky tongue that is up to 12 inches long. Realistically, I would rather be a human with their tongue because with a tongue that long, I would be able to eat ice cream right out of the container without a spoon! Honestly, I already eat ice cream right out of the container, but I would really enjoy not having to clean the spoon when I was done.

Reason 2: Aardvarks sleep in cool underground burrows. Nobody can wake you up and bother you when you are hidden underground! Wouldn’t that just be magical?

Reason 3: I loved the Arthur books and TV show growing up.  Who didn’t like Arthur growing up though? Is it even possible to dislike an aardvark with glasses? No, it isn’t.

Now that you all think I am crazy, you’re probably going to say you want to be a horse because I told you dog is a boring answer and you don’t want people to think you’re a nut job like me.

About Katie Erbach

Katie Erbach is a freelance writer who is interested in contributing to just about any blog who will have her. Katie can be found online through her Google+ Profile. She currently lives in Chicago with her fiance, Jim. Katie's passions include blogging, hiking, reading (but nothing sad), listening to music, and baking anything with chocolate in it!

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