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Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the most exciting components to wedding planning. Just as there are with indoor venues, outdoor venues have certain distinctions that can either add or take away from the appeal, depending on the couple. It is most important to make sure you are comfortable on your big day and choosing a perfect location can be a large factor. Here are a look at some of the pros and cons to having an outdoor wedding to help you make the most informed decision about where you and your loved one will exchange vows.



Natural scenery will always be more elegant when you are surrounded by nature. Whether this is in a public park, on the beach, a rooftop, or even a city wedding, natural scenery will always catch your eye. This allows for more unique photography opportunities and a wider variety of options for a theme and style of your wedding. If the natural scenery around you isn’t enough, you can add your own decorations as well. Even with adding personal touches to the existing décor, this still cuts down on a significant amount of work. Decorating the entire inside of a hall can be exhausting if little decorations exist already. Some indoor places also restrict types and amount of decorations. With an outdoor space, you can be as creative as you choose, with confines only to the natural surroundings.

Cost Effective

Many times, outdoor ceremonies can be held at public spaces, which drastically reduces costs of your wedding. Holding your ceremony inside ensures a fee will be charged for booking the hall or church. Outdoor ceremonies allow you to pick a meaningful place, like a backyard or a public location, which gives you a more personal experience at a cost effective price.



Sound can be a difficult issue to overcome if you don’t take it into consideration before your big day. If you choose to have your ceremony on the beach, make sure you don’t just focus on the picturesque view you’ll be standing in front of, but take into consideration the noise of the wind and waves going on all throughout the ceremony. This can be overcome with small, clip on microphones for you, your significant other and officiate. Even if you aren’t choosing to have your ceremony on a beach, your guests still could have trouble hearing. When outdoor weddings are large with lots of guests, it is harder for those farthest away to hear. Take into consideration if there will be other people around if you are in a public space, or use a microphone so those in the back can still hear your vows. This problem can also be curbed by going with a medium-sized or smaller wedding, keeping guests closer to the bride and groom.


Weather can be a huge advantage if you are given the perfect day, but the main disadvantage is that you just don’t know. Having a beautiful sunny day can make your day absolutely flawless, but the chance of rain could spoil some of the fun. This could be overcome with a backup plan, but know that your dream outdoor wedding might not happen if the weather doesn’t cooperate. For many couples, the chance of the perfect sunny day is worth the risk of having to go to a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Extreme temperatures could also pose a problem, depending on when your wedding is during the year and time of day. Look to plan an evening wedding if it is in the summer to avoid the hot sun beating down on you and your guests.

About the Author: Jessica is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, providing the perfect personalized addition to celebrations to keep the cards you receive safe throughout the ceremony.


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