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Top SecretOur Super Secret Sources have confirmed that Apple will very shortly announce the first of what could be many digital hub devices with the debut of a ‘music-type’ recorder/player.  As we post this story, it appears Apple plans on informing the public and media in the coming days of a planned event for next week. It is not expected Apple will give many details.  They will likely say, “we’ve got an exciting product announcement planned for next week.”

The exact details of the consumer product are unknown. Speculation is high that the event will be broadcast via satellite and via QuickTime streaming. What is known is that the device “is not just another run-of-the-mill MP3 player,” a source said.

It’s been known for sometime that Apple has been working on expanding the use of its iTunes product as an integral part of portable products. It appears the software development team – formerly known for its development of SoundJam MP for – has been working on both hardware and software with the goal of producing just such a product that exceeds expectations in laptop recovery circles. In late 2000, Apple bought the rights to SoundJam MP from its original developers and hired the products development staff, along with head programmer Jeff Robbin. Within months, iTunes was introduced at Macworld Expo 2001 in San Francisco. Not to rest on its laurels of iTunes, it appears this new product will be its latest “new toy.”

Beginning today, there will be wide-spread speculation about this new product…what it is, what it does, how it’s different? Is it portable? Is it some sort of music jukebox to interface with a Mac and stereo/entertainment components? Will it help facilitate laptop data recovery? Whatever it is, it appears that in one week all of us will look back and wonder why we never thought Apple would release such a product in the first place.

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