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The Oregon coast has a variety of wildlife attractions for the outdoor enthusiast. Driving down highway 101 offers you several places to pull over and observe the natural wildlife as well as the scenery.  If you are more into visiting an attraction, the Oregon Coast has several that are worth visiting.

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You may be asking yourself, do wines really have seasons? They do and generally it has to do with their flavor and the foods the wines are best paired with. Wine is a very intricate drink and mixing the wrong flavors can really ruin your whole experience. Many people think that you can drink any wine you want with any meal. Most avid wine drinkers would cringe at the thought. This […]

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Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the most exciting components to wedding planning. Just as there are with indoor venues, outdoor venues have certain distinctions that can either add or take away from the appeal, depending on the couple. It is most important to make sure you are comfortable on your big day and choosing a perfect location can be a large factor. Here are a look […]