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It is time to go back to school again which means it is time to play those stupid ice breaker games. It seems like every professor and teacher thinks it is necessary to play these games, when really it isn’t. In grade school, everybody, except for the one or two new kids know each other already and in college most people could care less where Bob and Susie went to […]

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I had a desktop computer when I was a freshman in high school, but I mainly used my mom’s work laptop. She didn’t need it much and I had homework as well as a fascination with the Internet and social media. In addition, my desktop was rather slow and I liked the portability of the laptop. I put my life on that laptop: pictures, videos, writing, everything. Being young and […]


University of Texas Players In The NFL Draft The University of Texas is one of the most prominent school bodies in the state of Texas. And though they are known mostly for their superior academic performance, the University of Texas has also served as a breeding ground for exceptional football players. In fact, a diversity of players have been discovered from the University of Texas and included in the NFL […]