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The winter can be a very difficult season for your outdoor equipment. If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit, an outdoor water heater, or other equipment it is important to take steps to prepare it for the winter. Not only can the dirt and debris cause damage outside, rust can actually deteriorate the equipment, leading to the need to replace items before their life should be up. If you […]


Your special day deserves some of the best flowers, cake and live music. You’ll look back at the photos you take on this night forever. Imagine someone 200 years from now looking up their great, great grandmother and discovering some of the most beautiful wedding pictures. What can you do to make your special day fabulous?


After watching any news channel for a few minutes, it’s easy to get a discouraged with our society’s perceived level of intelligence. In a world where collective learning and continual development should constantly improve knowledge it sometimes seems like we’re heading in the wrong direction. However the opposite is happening. The planet is getting smarter, at least according to the Flynn Effect. If you are unaware IQ tests are designed so […]


In today’s unsurprising news, Yahoo! reported that for some people, their sweet tooth is biologically similar to a cocaine addiction. For anyone who demolishes king size candies in mere seconds like myself, this bit of news did not come as a shock. It did, however, alert me that there are plenty of other suckers like me who can’t stay away from having something sweet after every meal (and sometimes in […]


There are few materials more widely used by mankind than steel in today’s age, and it’s a material that help spring load the world into an industrial revolution. Here’s a very brief history of steel and how it’s played such an important role in human history. Early Beginnings Iron has been used for thousands of years for basic tools and weaponry. Its wide availability and durability was what made it […]