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I was born and raised in Lansing, MI. I always questioned why my parents chose to live in the coldest state far away from the California beaches and the Florida sunshine. But, when I grew up and graduated high school, I had the opportunity to go to any college in the United States. I ended up going to Michigan State University, about 25 minutes away from where I had spent my time growing up. Even though sometimes I complain about going to a school that is close to home and that experiences the Michigan winters, something about Lansing has kept me here. This made me realize that there are benefits of growing up in Lansing, MI.

One good thing about growing up in Lansing is being able to experience all of the four seasons. Although I tend to complain when the weather gets cold, at least I know how to drive through the snow, unlike other people who live in states where it rarely snows. Even though it is a hassle to get to places when it is snowing, snow is pretty to watch fall from the sky, and the snow that covers the ground sparkles on sunny winter days.

Another benefit about growing up in Lansing is that almost everyone in Lansing is a nice person. Attending MSU, I have heard from out of state students that they were surprised by how many people were nice to them. They are used to dealing with rude people everyday. I think that this is a good trait that anyone who grew up in Lansing can carry on throughout the rest of their life.

Lansing is a city that is very centrally located. That means that it is generally close to other popular cities in Michigan like Grand Rapids and Detroit. If you wanted to take a day trip there, you definitely could. If you wanted to even wanted to take a trip that is longer than a day, Lansing is central enough to take trips to Cedar Point in Ohio, any location up north, to Chicago for the weekend, and Mackinaw Island.

Another good thing about growing up in the capitol of Michigan is that there are a lot of little towns and locations that you can visit. Old Town has many boutiques, art, bars, and restaurants that people enjoy every day. If you visit Downtown Lansing, you can stop by a Lugnut’s game, go to a cute coffee shop, or catch a show at The Riverwalk Theater. There are a lot of little neat things that you can check out whenever you want.

Even though a lot of people who were born and raised in Lansing still complain about the winter months and the pot holes on the roads in the summer time, it is still a great place to have grown up. Lansing is very culturally diverse through art, people, sculptures, and even building structures. I think that it is hard to find a city that is near other popular cities with plenty of things to do while being surrounded by nice people in a diverse community.

This article provided by Coldwell Banker – Hubbell Briarwood, a Lansing real estate company. To learn more about CB-HB, visit their website, http://cb-hb.com/.


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