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Over the past year, the decline of oil drilling has been significant. The major cause of concern has been the speed of the decline. In just 18 months, oil drilling has achieved the same percentage decline as in the 80s. The problem is, in the 80s this percentage decline was stretched over 1982 to 1987, a five-year period. So how are these significant declines affecting the construction business? Well, in […]


The Berkshires’ designation as the Antiques Capital of Massachusetts with more than 34 Antique shops is an antiquing aficionado’s dream come true. Many antique shoppers start in Berkshire County, where many of the most prominent shops are located. Sheffield offers an especially large concentration of dealers.


This guest post is provided by Adam Heinz of GiftZip.com, a supplier of very green e gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers! Going green seems to be all the rage today, so chances are, you’ve got some folks that have gone all-out green on your Christmas list. If they’re hard-core Greenies, then it’ll be hard to pick out anything that hasn’t been made with materials that are harmful […]


So, if you really put your brain to it, I suppose it makes sense.  I mean, why wouldn’t there be a market for used medical equipment?  We in the United States are are so ridiculously preoccupied with “bigger, better, faster, more” that any time a slightly newer technology for medical imaging comes along, of course the big hospitals will stop at nothing to acquire it.  But what happens to those […]