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Festivals are a great way to bring the community together to celebrate and be merry. A popular festival that originally started in Germany, but has made it’s way to the United States, is Oktoberfest. If you have never been to an Oktoberfest, here is a guide to all things related to Oktoberfest and how you can celebrate this cultural festival in Helen, Georgia.

You have seen Oktoberfest all over the place, but what exactly is this cultural festival? Oktoberfest is a traditional autumn festival that is held in Munich, Germany. It originally started as a party to celebrate a royal wedding in Munich back in 1810, and now it is an annual two week long party.

Usually the festival is held in Germany, but Helen, Georgia started throwing its own version of Oktoberfest a year after they became a German town in 1969. Oktoberfest in the city of Helen is the longest running Oktoberfest in the United States running from mid-September through October 30th. Here is how people from all different parts of the world celebrate Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia.

For the festival, women dress in a traditional German dirndl dresses, men dress in traditional lederhosen outfits, or women and men choose to dress in other forms of Bavarian clothing. Oktoberfest activities include drinking beer and wine and eating traditional German food including a selection of meats, apples, and even jumbo pretzels! Folks gather around to eat and drink to the sounds of Bavarian-style music. After drinks and eating, Oktoberfest-goers in Helen, Georgia listen to live German bands, and do the Polka dance and the chicken dance! The Oktoberfest in Helen also has events during Oktoberfest including an arts and craft festival, a parade, and pumpkin picking.

Helen, Georgia is a city that has a lot of policemen on patrol, especially during events like Oktoberfest. If you plan on attending Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia, the community of Helen wishes that guests and locals respect the cultural festival and asks people to celebrate respectfully.

About the Author: Jane is a guest contributor from Pinnacle Cabin Rentals, a vacation rental service located in Helen, Georgia.

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