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Data Loss

I had a desktop computer when I was a freshman in high school, but I mainly used my mom’s work laptop. She didn’t need it much and I had homework as well as a fascination with the Internet and social media. In addition, my desktop was rather slow and I liked the portability of the laptop. I put my life on that laptop: pictures, videos, writing, everything.

Being young and naïve, I never backed up my data and assumed nothing would happen to it. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. One day, the entire laptop crashed. I tried turning it on, but nothing promising. With blue screens and error messages, I knew it was dead. My mom brought it in and the tech guy said the hard drive was toast. They ended up recycling the hard drive and giving her another laptop. I was devastated.

Back then, I didn’t think I had any options when my hard drive crashed. Had I known about data recovery services, there is a possibility I could have gotten my precious files back. Luckily, I now use the services of Data Recovery Group for whenever that happens again. I had so many pictures and videos that were never uploaded to Photobucket or YouTube. I had a ton of writing samples that were suddenly gone.

If only I had known about disk data recovery. To this day, I still miss those pictures, but I have learned my lesson. I backup my files and know there are services out there to save others should my hard drive fail.

About Katie Erbach

Katie Erbach is a freelance writer who is interested in contributing to just about any blog who will have her. Katie can be found online through her Google+ Profile. She currently lives in Chicago with her fiance, Jim. Katie's passions include blogging, hiking, reading (but nothing sad), listening to music, and baking anything with chocolate in it!

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