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Planning a destination wedding can be tricky if specific steps are missed and choices are not well thought out. Picking the right place is exceedingly important, especially in Willamette Valley, Oregon. It is a beautiful, lush, wine country that is the perfect setting for any wedding. With a little extra work and attention to detail, you can have the wedding of your dreams in Willamette Valley.


Visitbride outdoors

If you have never seen Willamette Valley up close and personal, you will need to make a trip there before starting to put deposits down. A favorite hotel that also offers wedding venue services isĀ Youngberg Hill. This would be a great place to stay when you visit to check if you like Willamette Valley and you can also see the wedding venues it offers.. Also, you and your partner will want to make sure that you can visualize your wedding there or if you need to look elsewhere.


Research, research, and keep researching. There is going to be much information online, and you will need to call and verify it; including local laws for a marriage license. There will be a lot, but do not get overwhelmed, stay organized, and focus on what you really want.

Advance Planning

You want a destination wedding; you will not be nearby to drop off checks, sign documents and other small tasks that involve wedding coordination. Make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get all the bells and whistles into place for your day. Rather the extra time than little problems arising.


Money matters are what people concern with the most when it comes to weddings, especially considering how expensive they can be. With a destination wedding, they can be quite the opposite. You do not have to invite a lot of guests, and many may not be able to make the trek. Fewer people equals less money on alcohol and food, where a lot of the budget goes towards.

Make your dream wedding a reality in one of the most gorgeous wine regions in the United States. Explore and imagine how your fairy tale wedding can be a reality.

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