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Nestled up in the Markagunt Plateau, the mountain resort town of Brian Head, Utah offers families the best of both winter and summer seasons. Those who visit the municipality during different times of the year will be pleased with the number of interesting family attractions and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed within the town and the surrounding areas.

Summer and Winter Resort Town

With an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet, Brian Head is the highest municipality of Utah. The area receives an average of 360 inches of annual snowfall which covers the slopes making the terrain fit for snowboarding, skiing, and other winter sports activities. During the summer, families can hike, bike, or use an ATV to explore the great outdoors. They can also ride the ski lifts to appreciate or take photos of the scenic views.

Cedar Park National Park

The park has a “great natural rock amphitheater” which has a depth of over 2,000 feet and a diameter of about 3 miles. The natural formations consist of various stone spires, arches, and canyons which were formed through erosion by rain, ice, and wind. The formations have a unique color palette of reds, yellows, and purples due to the presence of naturally occurring elements such as iron and manganese. Above the amphitheater, visitors can explore the Cedar Breaks high country and its spruce-fir forests and subalpine meadows which abound with beautiful wildflowers. In the area, one can also find one of the earth’s oldest living life forms, the bristlecone pine tree.

Bristlecone Pond

Visitors who are looking for fishing and other water activities can head to Bristlecone Pond, which is located at the center of town near restaurants and other establishments. During the summer, the pond teems with families taking a dip into the waters or indulging in fun activities such as kayaking or paddleboarding. At the edge of the pond, visitors can set up a picnic and just enjoy the picturesque views of the town. Occasionally, concerts and events would be organized near the pond.

Brian Head provides the perfect start off point for families who are planning to explore the natural attractions of Southern Utah. If you are looking for family friendly places to stay in during your visit, Family Time Vacation Rentals offers a variety of  vacation homes perfect for families. Brian Head is located in one of the most picturesque routes in the U.S. that connect several national parks, which offer opportunities for hiking, bird and wildlife watching, and other outdoor activities.

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