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If you are a web programmer and want to check compatibility of the web page that you have designed in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, then this is the ideal extension for you.

This extensions gives you the ability to switch to an Internet Explorer rendering engine from within Firefox. You will notice the change in the status bar also. You can see the page being downloaded and rendered exactly the way in which Microsoft Internet Explorer would do.

The various options that this extension provides are…

You have the icon of the rendering engine on the status bar. You can click on this to switch engines. (Optional)

You can add sites to the IE tab list, so that those sites are by default rendered by the IE engine. (Microsoft.com would be an ideal candidate for this list…)

When you right click on an extension it gives you the option to open the link in a new tab with the IE set as the rendering engine.

You can select “View this page in IE Tab” in the context menu and the whole page will be reloaded with the IE engine.

There are more features which are listed on the extension homepage here

Yeah, one more important thing, you can even run, windows live update with this extension, in Firefox. 😀

For usability, on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give this extension a rating of 5.

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