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If you’re stuck between what you want to do for a job, a forklift operating job could be in your future. Are you good with your hands? Are you good with numbers? Are you okay with repetition? If you answered yes to these questions, being a forklift operator may be right for you. Here are some things to know about forklift jobs.

Forklift operating isn’t always easy. Opertaing a forklift can be very repetitive and requires sitting for long periods of time. You need to have a good sense of balance and hand-eye coordination. Employers will require operators to be able to follow instructions, judge weight and distance, and have a high degree of attention. For things that can’t be lifted by a forklift, you will have to be able to lift by yourself. Depending on what type of company you work with, you may be working in cold freezers to move materials. Forklift drivers work around the clock so you can get placed on the night shift.

There’s minimal to no education required. Most forklift jobs require a high-school diploma or GED. You won’t need any expensive coursework to get right out on the field. Some jobs may require you to pass additional certifications about chemicals or equipment handling. Your employer will train you on forklift operation so you can be OSHA certified. A forklift operating job is perfect for those who don’t plan on going to college or haven’t gone to college yet.

Entry level forklift operators get paid a good amount. The average pay for a forklift operator is $13-15 per hour and most max out at $20. The longer you work as an operator, the more your salary will increase. This salary is perfect for those just starting out in the workforce.

Forklift operator jobs can lead to supervisor roles. Some forklift operating jobs may require you to stack boxes before you get on a truck. If you do well at your job, some forklift jobs can turn into warehouse management jobs. This career path isn’t right for everyone but can open up doors to be toward the top of a company.

There are forklift operating jobs in every state that need motivated and detail oriented individuals to carry out the warehouse tasks. SCMH offers forklift jobs in Los Angeles for those looking for a diverse and dynamic work environment.

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