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This guest post is provided by Adam Heinz of GiftZip.com, a supplier of very green e gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers!

Going green seems to be all the rage today, so chances are, you’ve got some folks that have gone all-out green on your Christmas list. If they’re hard-core Greenies, then it’ll be hard to pick out anything that hasn’t been made with materials that are harmful to the environment long term. The good thing is, you’re in luck! We’ve found a full range of gifts to give to every friend or family member on your list. When picking out a Green Gift, it’s important to consider age, the person’s hobbies and their personality. Here are a few specific examples.

Do you have a Green friend who lives by the motto “Do it Yourself”? Or perhaps a Green family member? One gift to consider would be a “do it yourself” maple sugaring kit. It’s much healthier to make your own maple syrup than it is to buy syrup tainted with corn syrup from the store; plus, no plastic bottles involved! If you know someone who loves to knit, consider getting them a bamboo knitting needle set with bamboo yarn. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is very smooth to the touch, so it’s perfect for any project they’d like to pursue. Other friends or family members in this category may be fond of bath products. One great thing to get these loved ones on your list would be a book on the art of making natural, handmade soap. You could also pick out natural soap making kits for them to get started with.

I’m guessing you’ve also got some Green Crazy friends and family members who love to eat. Some can even be very picky, but there is still hope. If you know someone who’s a coffee lover, be sure to order him or her some coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company. They are dedicated to Going Green though their Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and sustainable and organic-certified growing methods. And all food freaks love to go grocery shopping. These folks on your list deserve some reusable shopping totes fro Uncommon Goods. They specialize in making totes specifically for wine, so there will be no more clanging or breaking of bottles. They’re also environmentally friendly. Lastly, there are many food lovers who don’t just like to eat, they like to cook. Consider getting these friends or family members some quality bamboo cutting boards. They are an incredibly sustainable, practical gift for anyone who loves their time in the kitchen.

So, these are just a few of many specific sorts of people that may frequent your Christmas list every year. Think about those Green people you’re close with, what they love and research to find something you can give them that they will truly appreciate and put to good use. Since much of the shopping can be hard to do in person (if products are hard to find), gift cards are always an option for companies that feature online shopping. That way, your loved one can pick out the exact Green products that his or her heart desires.

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