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We are well into the time of year when we will need our furnaces on, but how much do you really know about your furnace? Of course you know how to turn it on and off, and you know how to change the temperature, but what else? Furnaces are machines that can be an integral part of our day to day lives and there is always a lot to learn about them. Below is a list of fun facts about furnaces that you can think about each time you turn your furnace on during this winter season.

  1. Everyone owns a furnace: Maybe not literally everyone, but furnaces are the most common heating system. Most homes in the United States are heated by furnaces and heating duct systems. There are many different ways to power a furnace, but the most common way is natural gas.
  2. Older than sliced bread: Actually way older than that. Furnaces have a very long history appearing first in about 1200 B.C. Sounds pretty crazy, but it’s true. The Romans were the300px-vieux_la_romaine_villa_hypocauste first to create a furnace and central heating system. This system was called the “hypocausts.” These first ever furnaces were used for heating rooms, heating baths, and welding metal. So, guess the Romans were pretty good at multi-purposing.
  3. Not your grandma’s furnace, or is it?: Furnaces tend to have a pretty long life as long as they are taken care of. People don’t typically realize this because they do not know much about their furnaces. Usually it is already in place when they move in and they don’t think about it until it stops working, which could be many years later.
  4. Easy as 1,2,3 . . . sort of: There are three main components that make up furnaces. These are the blower, the burner, and the heat exchanger. No matter the ignition source (there are a few different ones) these three things are present in all furnaces.
  5. Regulators born to regulate, your installation that is: Because they are so widely used, furnace installations are regulated to ensure the safety of the homeowner. It is considered to be a public safety issue to make sure your furnace is properly installed. These regulations are not only on a local and state level but also nation-wide.

These facts are pretty interesting, unless if you already know all there is to know about furnaces. Next time the furnace kicks in you can think about how it works and be thankful for that fact that is has continued to work for so many years. A furnace is an amazing asset to any house, especially in the freezing temperature of this winter season. If you are looking to buy a furnace, upgrade it, or for furnace repair you should check out North Winds Heating and Cooling. They have amazing furnace repair, installation and inspection services to ensure you stay toasty warm all throughout the winter season.

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