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Far from the maddening urban centers of Illinois, small town Galena offers a quiet getaway amidst green rolling hills and a historic architectural charm. Visitors won’t miss the sophisticated brews of the big city coffeehouses and cafes, here in this quiet part of the state, a good cup of coffee is just around the corner.

Kaladi’s .925 Coffee Bar

Kaladi’s, described as a European-style coffee bar, offers various brew selections, from lattes, espresso shots, to seasonal drinks. They offer muffins and other baked goods to complement that cup of coffee. Gelatos are also available for those who are craving for a sweet treat. The cafe’s red brick exterior fits right in with the vibe of Galena’s historic main street, while the open airy design of the interior space feels welcoming on a cold day.

Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop & Coffee Bar

Located at the edge of restaurant row in main street, Big Bill’s red brick exterior continues inside the cafe, giving it an Old World ambiance. Aside from their coffee selections, they also serve organic teas and Italian ice. As a sandwich shop, Big Bill’s menu includes a wide array of choices including regular and vegetarian. They sometimes feature live music during the weekend.

Devour Cafe

Devour Cafe, which describes itself as Galena’s “neighborhood fix,” offers an “all day edibles” menu consisting of interesting selections such as a signature quiche with portabello mushrooms and potatoes and hot ham cheese croissant with organic greens. The hip coffee bar offers a wide range of brews made from rainforest certified arabica coffees. Antique pieces of furniture and focal design pieces complete its sophisticated coffee bar image.

Isabella Imports

While this local business mostly offers wholesale coffee roasting for customers, there is a service counter at the back that serves coffee. Inside the store, there are burlap sacks of beans and a massive roasting equipment that the owner uses to process the beans. Reviews on websites describe the place as the most interesting in town.

For visitors looking for the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Galena offers small town charm with modern city comforts. Here, visitors can quietly indulge in a culinary adventure, visit a local winery, relax in a spa, or start off their day with a cup of coffee in historic downtown. If you are visiting the area and looking to stay near these delicious popular coffee shops, consider staying at Farmers Guest House bed and breakfast. Farmers Guest House offers a variety of guest rooms and specials for people looking to plan a romantic getaway to Galena.


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