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It’s the end of the school year, meaning it’s graduation season for both college and high school students. Graduation is an exciting time for students and parents alike, so why not celebrate in a big way? Here are some great graduation party ideas to make your graduate feel special on their big day. 

Picture Board

A fun party game and a ultimate gift for the graduate is a picture board. Each guest brings a picture of themselves with the graduate and attaches it to the board. After the party, the graduate will have an adorable keepsake that can be hung up in their dorm room!

Grab and Go Snacks

Set Out Grab-and-Go Party Snacks










To help eliminate dirty dishes and to encourage snacking during the party, make an easy trail mix of nuts, crackers, whatever you like. The mix can be put out in cones fashioned from bright, sturdy paper. The snack is easy to eat, low cleanup, and fun for guests to enjoy!  Other easy snacks include a cheese platter, fruit sculpture, and other finger foods that don’t require a plate or silverware.

A Gift Table

A single spot for gifts should be set up to keep the gifts organized. Set up a table, complete with a guest book of sorts so your grad knows who attended the party and who to write thank you notes to.

Grad Inspired Dessert

Make Graduation-Theme Cupcakes

These adorable desserts are actually very easy to make and your guests will love them. Transform a normal cupcake by rolling the edge in sprinkles to create a colorful rim, then add the hat and tassel. The hat is made from a chocolate covered cherry and a chocolate-covered cracker, while the tassel is a mini M&M and a piece of fruit leather.

School Spirit

It’s important to incorporate some school spirit into your party, either with theme colors or with the school logos. Some ways to do this is with a school inspired banner. All you need to make this decoration is the correct color scrapbook paper, cut into triangles, and then threaded onto ribbon or string. Another fun idea is to  take a clear, glass vase and fill it with the correct colored M&M’s, alternating layers to create a striped look. This can serve as a snack for guests and cute food table decoration.

About the Author: Sam is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, supplying top quality card boxes for all kinds of celebrations and occasions.


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