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bohemian-barn-wedding-sophisticated-garden-party-018There are hundreds of types of weddings to have: classic and elegant to fun and chic. The style of wedding you choose may depend on your family or it could depend on your background and where you came from, and for those with southern roots, they’re sure to stick to the old-fashioned southerly theme.

Southern weddings are typically warm and welcoming. They have great home-cooked food and usually encompass some of the most classic wedding photos. Southern style weddings can also be rustic, yet with a touch of elegance. If you’re from the south or even just want to plan a southern themed wedding, here are some ideas that will get you started.

Have Your Reception in a Barn

Not the most “glamorous” option, but it can be. With a bit of decorations (perhaps some lit mason jars and stringed lights), an old barn can turn into a magical place to host a wedding reception. And who says you can’t have the wedding ceremony there, too? These types of weddings usually turn into the most elegant.

Wear Cowboy Boots
Who says the bride has to wear heels? Or the groom has to wear penny loafers? During the ceremony, you can choose more elegant attire, but the reception is for dancing and partying, so opt for a pair of rustic cowboy boots. Cowgirl boots look great with a wedding dress, and is a perfect addtion to the white gown for a southern style wedding.

Don’t Cater. Cook Home-Made Food Instead
That’s what southern weddings are all about; home-cooked meals. Catering can also be pricey, but with home-made meals, family and friends can pitch in and make some of the family’s favorites. Your guests will enjoy well-thought-out food rather than something purchased from a local restaurant.

About the Author: Terri is a guest contributor for Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast, a Texas bed and breakfast retreat with a spa and romantic wedding getaways.

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