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Pumpkins have always been a classic element of Halloween decorum. They can range from frightful and gruesome to playful and humorous. There exist a variety of methods in which to carve pumpkins, including the use of stencils, drawing utensils and a wide variety of carving tools. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity you can apply to any pumpkin-carving endeavor you take on! However, so many carvers focus so much on the design and are eager to plunge in and get the basics done that they don’t properly execute the process of preparing the pumpkin to be carved. In order to have the best pumpkin display, a little more time, consideration and effort is key!

The most important factor that determines the success a finished, carved pumpkin is the size of the pumpkin. Choose carefully; aim to pick the largest pumpkin that you feel comfortable carving. The larger the pumpkin, the easier it is to carve. Disregard any pumpkins with moldy stems or bruises because these are apt to spoil much more quickly. Another tip is to choose a pumpkin that is lighter in color. Lighter colored pumpkins are softer, therefore making them easier to cut.

The next step is cutting into the pumpkin and proceeding to clean it out. Place your knife at a 45-degree angle when you cut the circular top around the stem. This will ensure that the lid will not fall through as it would if you were to cut straight downward. To clean the pumpkin out, it is best to use large, heavy-duty spoons or ice cream scoops. After clearing out the pumpkin, it is important that the sides are scraped smooth. This smooth surface is what one will see when the light from the candle is reflected. To take measures a step further, it advised that the pumpkin be soaked mild bleach water and then dried completely. After this, vegetable oil can be applied to prevent the pumpkin from shriveling.

After completing the essential process, you’re all set to use your creativity to create a pumpkin that will surely draw the neighborhood’s attention! Pumpkins can be displayed inside in windows with other spooky decorations or on front porches along side other outdoor decorations such as scarecrows and ghosts hanging from trees for maximum haunting effect. Have a Happy Halloween and push your pumpkin carving skills to the limit!

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