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A town that has as much history as Provincetown is sure to have at least a few ghosts, but the beautiful summer destination at the tip of Cape Cod seems to have more than its share of spooky encounters. While many of these haunted places are historic sites, some are accommodations, too. If you’re like me, though, and aren’t interested in staying at a haunted hotel or inn–I’d suggest staying somewhere where the ghosts don’t usually wander (like Admiral’s Landing, a quaint and quiet Provincetown B&B). If you’re bold, though, here are some of Provincetown’s most historic and haunted places:

1. Lancy Mansion

According to the Provincetown Paranormal Research Society, Benjamin Lancy’s mother Nabby passed away in 1896 in the mansion. Her great-great granddaughter wrote that Nabby wasn’t buried immediately because the ground was frozen. Her family buried her in the spring after neighbors complained. Perhaps Nabby haunts the house because she wasn’t given a proper burial at the time of her death.

2. Carpe Diem Inn

The Carpe Diem Inn may have so much paranormal activity since it was formerly a funeral home. A guest in one room heard a voice telling her to get out. Employees have felt a presence in the chamber named for Shakespeare. A female apparition in black has been observed walking down the stair. Shadow figures have been reported in the basement, and staff and guests have seen figures in Victorian dress. Current owners believe that one of the spirits that’s been seen wandering around the inn may be a former caretaker named Kevin who decided to stay at the inn after his death or isn’t aware that he’s passed.

3. Martin House

The Martin House is haunted by several spirits including Captain Tracy, a sea captain, and his wife, who lived there in the 1700s. The outline of a sea captain has been seen in the dining room upstairs. Visitors feel unexplained cold spots. The ghosts of a slave family who hid in a secret passage in the house during the days of the Underground Railroad have been observed. Visitors who sleep in a small room upstairs have had pranks played on them by the apparition of a little slave girl.

4. Plaza Guest House

The Plaza Guest House is one of the most haunted places in Provincetown. An apparition that glows has chased visitors in the hallway, objects are thrown around, doors open and close themselves, and bloodstains on the floor of one guest room can’t be washed away no matter how much the floor is scrubbed or polished.

5. Hamilton Cemetery

Orbs and lights have been recorded, and voices have been caught on EVP at the Provincetown Cemetery by paranormal groups.

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