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As the Internet and handheld devices lead the way in technology advances, security companies are looking toward an immersive experience when you arrive home. Aside from a standard security system, you could start the pot on the stove, turn on the lights and monitor your property cameras all from your smartphone or tablet. Home automation is slowly becoming a standard addition to homes across the nation. Although they still require some investment for a proper installation, these systems offer much more than just an alarm and monitoring company.

Latest and Greatest Device

Most home automation is wireless, making it simple to connect almost any consumer device to home cameras, appliances and electrical systems. When programmed into your handheld device, you can create a lighting program for day or night and activate the TV on your favorite channel. Children arriving home from school can activate your device at work, turning cameras on to ensure that the kids are doing their homework as requested. Even water sensors can be installed, telling you immediately if a tub is overflowing or the hot water heater has burst. With an almost endless array of items to connect, you could potentially control almost all features in the home

For The Budget-Minded Consumer

If you are concerned about security, but don’t have the funds for a high-tech system, start your home with the basics. Add a 24-hour, monitored security system to the home. When you feel more capable, add on video cameras and a connection to your personal devices. Each system can be customized to your needs. Add on items when you feel ready. If you slowly accumulate home automation and integrate them into your home’s systems, it will not feel like a large investment. Even the installation labor is not that expensive. Because there are no wires to arrange or snake within walls, the installation charges are minimal.

ADT, Google and Others Leading the Way

Established security companies like ADT Indianapolis, Ackerman and even Google (with their recent purchase of Nest) are on the forefront of home automation, and even satellite TV companies like Dish are starting to offer home security and monitoring packages with their other services. Hardware manufacturers are also getting into the game, with Samsung releasing televisions, appliances, and other devices designed to work seamlessly with your chosen phone or tablet

Homeowner Benefits

Aside from family safety, your quality of life improves greatly with home automation. You no longer need to walk into a dark home and find the light switch. Lights are on and coffee can be brewing, if you desire. You are sure that no intruders are in the home, making you feel safe whether you are at home, the office or on vacation. Perhaps most importantly, you save money on energy costs as well. Thermostats smartly connected to the main system allow you to control the temperature for optimal comfort and money savings, and can automatically regulate their energy usage.

Automation Is The Future

As many homeowners choose to upgrade their security systems with smart technology, you’ll find that most homes will have this amenity in the next five to 10 years. Your home value can rise, along with a potential sale, when using a well-maintained automation system. Aside from the comfort value, you can raise the point that seniors benefit from the automation as well. Accidental falls automatically bring the paramedics, for example. Lights and appliances are controlled with a handheld device to prevent the senior from moving around the home too much. Overall, every home benefits from automation technology.

Contact your local ADT store today to see your automation options. Starting a new system gives you the flexibility to continue adding on for ultimate home control.

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