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Summer is an exciting time of year and allows ample opportunities to host fun parties outdoors, including the iconic pool party. However, it can be expensive to throw a party, especially when you just want to host a fun gathering for family and friends. Our tips will help you throw a successful and fun party while sticking to a budget.

The food

The food aspect of a party is often where costs begin to hike. Instead of getting fancy appetizers or having a local restaurant cater, consider handling food in a much simpler way — make it a potluck. You can either have a full-scale potluck and have your guests bring everything from the main entrée to the dessert, or you can make cheap hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill and have your guests bring the rest.


If you’re throwing an adult party, alcohol is another thing to consider. However, buying alcohol for a group of people gets expensive quickly, so it is best in most cases to skip it. You can keep people happy at a pool party by supplying a cooler full of water and soda. You can also mention in your invitation (which we recommend doing either through email or social media to cut costs) that guests should bring their own beer.

Understated décor

For a pool party, fancy décor is not necessary. Your pool will be the major focal point of interest, and simple things like flowers picked from the garden or string lights will add to the party’s ambiance without costing you a fortune.

Reasonable expectations

To put it simply, if you tell your guests exactly what’s going to happen, they won’t expect anything more. By mentioning things such as what kind of food you’ll be serving or the drinks you’ll provide, guests will have a reasonable expectation of what the party will be. That way, no one is disappointed, and you don’t have to feel like you need to go the extra mile to make the party perfect.

This is a guest post contributed to by Alpine Rent All & Sales, a party, event, and equipment rentals store in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven.

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