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Winter is still not letting up even though it’s already late February and everyone is expecting temperatures that are at least above freezing. When cabin feveryou’re hooked at home all weekend, it can definitely be a long and hard decision to even get out of the house. The winter blues that you’re experiencing is normal — who dares to venture outdoors and get frostbitten?

But it’s not healthy to stay glued to your couch when you can do more exciting stuff that does not involve trekking in the snow. The Berkshires has lots of indoor activities for you and the family so you won’t have to hate winter after all.


Not your ordinary traditional museum, Animagic may be small but features a plethora of visual effect models and techniques used in movies like Predator and The Matrix. In the animation workshop, the guide will lead you through the creation of a clay character and then later make a short film out of these characters. The founder of the museum, Eugene, is a great entertainer and filmmaker as well so you’ll be sure to learn a lot from him. Animagic is open all-year round but appointments are required.

Windsor Library

When was the last time you visited a library? If you can’t remember anymore, then it’s definitely the time to relive the smell of old books and the sound of turning pages. Explore the latest publications at the Window Library where there are always new titles in store for you.

Smith College Greenhouse

Think of the greenhouse as an oasis in the middle of snow-covered tundra. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll be amazed with the collection of plants in the series of greenhouses in the campus. Everything is well planned and laid out and there are also flower shows for every season. Entrance is free but donations are welcomed.

Gateways Inn & Restaurant

Listen to catchy live jazz music at the Gateways Inn & Restaurant lounge and piano bar from Thursdays to Sundays. There’s Rob Kelly & Friends, David Grover, Sherri Buxton, and other musical personalities that you should be listening to if you want to relax while sipping some wine. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m. and you have three hours of enjoyable entertainment to celebrate the weekend.

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