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web_movieswithaview_2011_4_29_bk_zThe Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic symbol that not only connects the boroughs of Manhattan, but is also a¬†quintessential symbol seen throughout pop culture references. Other New York City structures, like the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building, have also made appearances in film and pop culture. The Brooklyn Bridge, however, is one of the most noticeable structures. For some reason, filmmakers love to use the Brooklyn Bridge a setting of destruction, but sometimes, it’s also a setting Whether it sets the scene for a particular part of a movie or is the backdrop of a scene, it’s easily the most recognizable.

Here are 7 popular movies the Brooklyn Bridge has played a role in:


Though the Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t play a huge part in this film, it’s used during an aerial shot of Ecto-1 driving into the city after receiving a call.


The Brooklyn Bridge sets a backdrop for this film starring Cher as Loretta, a daughter of Italian parents living in Brooklyn Heights–under the bridge’s shadow. The bridge’s setting is almost symbolic for the movie, as the moon in question rises over the bridge drives Loretta to fall in love with her fiance’s brother, causing more problems within her family.

Fantastic Four

0508cgw_ff07The fate of the Brooklyn Bridge is a little different in this Marvel movie. In the first Fantastic Four movie, the Thing (a member of the group) attempts to save a man on the bridge, ultimately causing a major traffic pile-up and a series of events that lead to a fire truck breaking through the bridge’s barrier and dangling over the East River.

The Siege

The bridge doesn’t play a huge role here, but it’s still the backdrop of an important scene. Denzel Washington in The Siege must battle treats of terrorism and it’s on the Brooklyn Bridge that the film shows American soliders and tanks crossing to go into battle.

I Am Legend

Unfortunately, the bridge doesn’t have much luck in this movie. In the apocolyptic film, I Am Legend, Will Smith’s character watches as the government destroys the bridge to cut off a deadly virus from spreading.


Similarly, Cloverfield is an alien invasion movie where, as you might have guessed, the bridge isn’t so fortunate. Cloverfield’s “alien” figure (a giant, mysterious monster with scales that mostly resembles a modern-day Godzilla), smashes the bridge while people attempt to escape the city.


In the very first Spiderman movie starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker (Spiderman), the Green Goblin dangles Mary Jane from the bridge. Usually, we see the bridge take on some damage in action movies such as this, but Spiderman ends up rescuing Mary Jane unharmed and not a scratch on the bridge.

There are plenty more movies that the Brooklyn Bridge has had a part in. Whether it’s the backdrop of a move poster or the setting of an important scene, it’s one of the most recognizable structures in Brooklyn.

About the Author: Madison is a guest contributor from At Home In Brooklyn, a bed and breakfast located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with beautiful architecture and a European feel.

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