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I spent my first 1-1/2 years out of college living in Houston, Texas. It was 1981-1983, at the tail end of an oil boom period, and Houston was booming. It was a great town to be single, although at the time I was too shy and anxious to fully take advantage of the gorgeous women that were everywhere. But I did fully enjoy the alcohol-based nature of its culture at its time. I still remember buying road beers out of wooden tubs filled with ice, strategically located next to the gas pumps, so I could get one before a long trip. And Houston is so spread out that nearly everything was a long trip 🙂

On a business trip, my colleagues regularly drank Jack Daniels, either with or without coke. I started drinking Jack & Cokes at a New Wave club I frequented. Through liberal tipping, the drinks became 90%+ Jack, with the remainder coke, over a period of months. Eventually, I gave way to ordering Jack Daniels on the rocks, and skipped the coke altogether.

And then, about 6 years ago, as part of my efforts to get in shape, and lose weight, I stopped drinking alcohol almost completely.

But about 2 months ago, I had a craving for a Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey (my other favorite). I think these are my favorite whiskeys because they use such immaculately filtered deionized water.  But I digress…  When I had that first glass of Jack Daniels, it was like water. I drank three glasses of Jack on the rocks that night, at home, and felt great the next morning. I remembered how easy it was to drink it, And how it almost scares me how much of it I can drink without getting sick or hung over. And tonight, it even went well while watching Desperate Housewives on DVD 😉


This post was provided to Who Needs Oxygen by Jean Departè, a French activist, freelance writer, and whiskey lover.  To learn more about guest posting on our site, please visit our write for us page.

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  1. Don Walters says:

    Wooohoooo! I love Jack!