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The holidays can be a stressful time for small businesses, but can also be incredibly important and a time to increase profits and gain new customers. With this great opportunity ahead to make a huge mark on your overall sales for the year, you don’t want any small mishaps to affect your small business. Here are a few tips of how to manage and ensure that this holiday season has limited additional stress.

Make a Calendar                            

Putting up a calendar in the office allows for employees to notice when important sales days are: Black Friday is November 28, Small Business Saturday is November 29, and Cyber Monday is December 1. You can also have employees write down when they will be out of the office, making sure that you do not have too many people out at once. This will make it clear who will be in and out for each week. It is important to be flexible with scheduling, as this time is largely devoted to family time. A calendar with everyone’s time off will help keep this organized.

Out of Office Emails

Make sure your employees know to set an out-of-office email for those days that they are gone. If someone forgets who is out of the office that day and needs something done, this will quickly tell them who to contact to ensure the proper tasks are completed on time. This is a simple step but can make all the difference in the performance and smooth running of your business during this time.

Schedule Your Emails and Social Media Posts

If you have a limited number of employees in each day, it is important that you don’t spend all your time scheduling emails and social media posts. Encourage social media coordinators to create these posts ahead of time and schedule them for the days they will be gone. This will eliminate additional work that the fewer employees in the office need to take care of, while still maintaining a strong social media presence over the holiday season. These emails and social media posts can be scheduled to go out on a certain date and time throughout the holidays, allowing your employees to enjoy their time off without sacrificing posts or holiday emails.

Small businesses should be excited about the holiday season, looking forward to the potential to see a growth in sales and customer base, but with fewer employees, it is even more important to manage your time and efforts toward certain key areas. These steps can help your holiday season run smoothly, keeping everyone in the holiday spirit.

About the Author: Kelly is a guest contributor from MSU Executive Education, teaching students thought leadership through practical orientation.

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