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child-friendly flooringHaving children at home means making more responsible decisions with regard to every detail in the house. From putting away sharp objects and medicines to selecting a nonslippery floor, parents are ever vigilant when it comes to the safety of their young ones. They have good reason to be careful though, because according to a research by Colorado State University, more children die in home accidents than from childhood diseases every year.

So if you’re a new parent and planning to renovate your floors, choose from a selection of child-friendly flooring to avoid toppling babies and toddlers. The flooring market has a variety of lovely flooring options so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for safety.

Wood Flooring

When it comes to elegance, wood flooring is certainly the top pick for many homeowners. It provides warmth and a smooth feeling on the feet. Plenty of shades and styles are also available so you choose the most suitable flooring to match your room fixtures. For real-estate-minded people, wood flooring also adds value to homes and they sell faster than those with carpet flooring.

Kids (and pets!) often leave a huge mess on their trail, and this is another reason why wood flooring works perfect for you. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping will make it look like new again, and the wood can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Place slip-resistant rugs on many areas of the floor and use a carpet sticker to make sure the rugs stay put!

Bamboo Flooring

Eco-friendly, durable, and affordable: these three words describe the basics of bamboo flooring. And there is no need to worry about kids playing with matches because bamboo hardwood is fire-resistant. Install engineered bamboo flooring, which is not 100% made of bamboo. The top is a bamboo strip but the wood plank could be cork or plywood. This makes the engineered bamboo stronger and more durable so even kids and pets cannot wreak havoc on it for a long time.

Carpet Tiles

The playroom is probably where your kids are going to spend most of their time in so make sure to have this room accident-proof. Carpet tiles are simple to replace in case a drink is spilled on it. Besides being inexpensive, you can easily place it on any hard surface.

One downside is that the carpet can become irritating to the skin so it is best to make different flooring styles for the different rooms in the house.

This home improvement tip is brought to you by Carolina Flooring Services, providing stylish and practical flooring solutions for your family needs.

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