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A bright home looks more spacious, cheery, and inviting than a dark and gloomy setting. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large, spacious property, there are several ways to brighten your surroundings.

Keep Wall Colors Colors Light

Use interior paints in lighter shades. Darker colors absorb light while brighter colors reflect it. Therefore, when choosing paint colors, forego dark shades that will create a moody, more intense feel, and instead opt for bright colors that will allow any light that enters the room to literally bounce off the walls, creating a brighter, warmer ambiance. Monochromatic color schemes or white accompanied by a bright accent color will also give a room a lighter, more open feeling.

Choose Lighter Window Dressings

Breezy fabrics like cotton and linen allow light into a home, whereas heavier, opaque curtains may completely block out sunlight. In common areas in which privacy is not a large concern, sheer fabrics may even be used to provide some covering while still allowing light in. Sunburstshutters.com features many different styles of window dressings that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are designed to allow more light to shine through.

Use Mirrors

Spaces that have few or no windows can be brightened up with the use of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and will make the room feel larger. Fortunately, mirrors come in a variety of styles that will complement virtually any decorating scheme.

Decorate with Flowers

Not only do plants offer make a healthy, natural addition to a room, but brightly-colored flowers are perfect for adding an accent of lively color. Flowers can be procured easily and inexpensively and can be a quick solution for brightening a room. For those who desire a low maintenance decorative plant, there are cut flowers that last longer than others, and adding plant food can extend the life of a floral arrangement. In addition to adding brightness to a room, flowers have also been found to be an effective mood booster.

Rearrange Furniture

Furniture can be arranged into positions that will allow the seating areas to be exposed to more light. Sofas and chairs should be positioned in front of windows and doors instead of in corners or in other areas that are farther away from the light source.

Having a room that requires more light is a temporary problem that can easily be fixed with the right decorating techniques. By simply experimenting with furniture arrangement, fabrics, and paint schemes, the desired bright, airy atmosphere is achievable.

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