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Nashville. Hollywood. New York City. All names that come to mind when you think of music industries and where a lot of musicians got their start. You probably never thought that Massachusetts, one of the most popular states in New England, has created some musical legends, too. Boston is particularly musical when it comes to rock, classical, and folk. Believe it or not, the state has a rich history of music and has been the origin of many famous musicians. Here’s why Massachusetts is a hidden music gem:


Massachusetts’ history with music goes way back.

Music was immediately popular in the New England when it was colonized by Britain. Sea shanties were a popular tradition in Massachusetts seeing it had such a large maritime culture. A sea shanty was a type of work song fisherman and sailors would sing while performing shipboard labor. Music then progressed from there, to folk and jazz and R&B.

Many rock legends got their start there.

You’d be shocked to find out that many famous rock bands have come from Massachusetts, including Aerosmith, Boys Like Girls, and Boston, of course. So many more rock bands got their start in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is a scene for many music festivals.

Year-round, the state hosts music festivals of all genres. Tanglewood Music Festival is easily one of its more popular events, which takes place in the summer. It’s held every year in the Tanglewood estates in Stockbridge and Lenox, MA. People come from all over to enjoy live concerts such as symphonies, chamber music, musical theater and even jazz and pop music. With so many people traveling to Stockbridge and Lenox every year, you can imagine the hotels and Berkshires bed and breakfasts get quite full, so if you’re planning to attend the festival some day, I’d plan in advance!

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