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Houston area residents may be interested to learn that everything from ultrasound gels to hip implants were recalled in the last quarter of this year. That makes a two-year high of more than 100 million for the number of units affected by a recall. The number of devices recalled in the previous quarter actually declined however, the number of units involved increased. ExpertRecall, a company known for tracking products for children, food, drug and medical device recalls, issued its quarterly index which utilizes weekly recall data from the FDA’s enforcement reports.

Roughly 7 percent of the total recalls in the second quarter were considered Class I recalls, which translates to a serious risk of injury or death to patients. Around 142 different companies were slapped with a recall of at least one medical device. Almost 70 pharmaceuticals affecting 12 million units of prescription medications were recalled in the last quarter as well, according to the group. Dangerous drugs, like defective medical devices, can cause serious harm or death to patients, long after recalls are announced.

Enforcement reports from the Food and Drug Administration found medical device recalls were down 13 percent for the second quarter of this year, from 277 in the quarter to 242. Unfortunately, that is a 4 percent increase from the same period in 2011. More than 123 million medical device units were affected by recalls, a 50 percent increase in the number of units from the first quarter, which had 82 million units affected.

As more and more of us increase in age we rely on medical science to improve our health and quality of life, but when a pharmaceutical or medical device company markets and sells defective products they should be held accountable. In pursuit of record profits comes record recalls of dangerous drugs and devices. As the number of medical product recalls increase so too shall the number of product liability lawsuits holding those corporations accountable for their products’ failures.

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