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When it comes to your wedding, guests will be arriving with gifts, taking photos throughout the ceremony and reception, and bottling up excitment for you and your significant other. That’s why it’s important to give your guests a place to share their photos, drop off their gifts, and express their excitement. So for your wedding, be sure to include these necessary items for your guests.

original_hessian-burlap-wedding-guest-bookGuest Book

Many brides and grooms don’t think of this small gesture, but a guest book is nice for guests to contribute their thoughts, memories, or simply sign their name to remind you later that they were at your wedding to celebrate your marriage. While guest books are a great idea to create hand-written memories, they can also be funny, while some guests may leave jokes for the next person.

Weddings don’t necessarily require a guest “book,” per se, in fact, you can have a little fun with the guest book idea by choosing an alternative. Have your wedding guests sign something, like a large photo or box.

Photo Card Box

It’s rarely considered, but a photo card box is certainly a great idea to allow you guests someplace to put their cards. Not only is it a secure idea, it’s a great place to put memorable photos of your and your significant other in so others can view. More than half of your guests will likely show up with a card gift rather than a wrapped one, so be sure you have a secure place to keep any cards that may arrive. Keep a photo card box on a table of gifts for others to view. If you need inspiration for a photo card box, here are some card box ideas at The Perfect Card Box.

1ce430a1b080a83b09a9166c80784e3eSocial Media

Give your guests a place to share the photos they take throughout the big day. It’s a wedding trend happening right now, telling guests to Instagram their photos with a specific hashtag, like #JamieandGeorgeWedding. Leave out a decorated sign or chalkboard that informs guests of where they can share their photos–either to Instagram, Facebook or Flickr. This way, you and other can keep or view all (or most) of the photos your guests take of your memorable day.

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