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Your special day deserves some of the best flowers, cake and live music. You’ll look back at the photos you take on this night forever. Imagine someone 200 years from now looking up their great, great grandmother and discovering some of the most beautiful wedding pictures. What can you do to make your special day fabulous?

Do Your Homework

Usually, you want to do your research about one year in advance of your wedding. You can look at several of the galleries from each photographer to sense their quality of workmanship and style. Nevertheless, understand how the clips from their portfolio are some of their best, and instead, ask to see the pictures from the full wedding of multiple ceremonies, which gives you a better sense of their work.

Critical Moments

Looking at the wedding photos of others, you can consider your own most essential moments you want to capture. Did the photographer document these moments to perfection? You should look at some of the most thoughtful compositions and images and check to make sure the people look relaxed without being spooked at the camera.

Compare the Packages

What did they include in the standard package? In addition, look at the extra fees you might have to pay. You should also look at how many hours of camera shots will be taken because most packages will include around eight hours of pictures, and they will cover everything to get ready for the reception. Normally, pay more for the coverage when you run over with it. Especially if you have planned for a big finale exit, you should look at how overtime will normally come at a much higher rate.

Confirm Your Photographers

Large studios might have more than one photographer on staff, and you should always confirm the shooter you will have. It depends on the contract. The lead photographer you wanted might not be shooting on the day you want, which can be a heart-breaking realization at the last minute because every photographer brings a different personality and perspective to the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references because this is your wedding. Online reviews are great, but you should also ask for the opinions of one or two previous clients. Ask the customer if the photographer took the pictures they had hoped for. These are some of the ways that you can have an unforgettable day that captures both you and your beautiful wedding venue in Washington state.

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