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North-carolinaThe smell of fresh sea air, the wide open green golf courses, and the picturesque views of historic lighthouses along waterways–This is what you can expect when visiting the Inner Banks of North Carolina. A decent list of small towns make up what is known as the Inner Banks. It’s known for its access to rivers and waterways, its historical architecture, and also its tourism. Each little small town is another hidden gem along the Inner Banks and each one offers a wealth of things to do and things to see. Whether you consider yourself a sight-seer, an explorer, or simply a relaxed golfer, there is something for everyone. Here some ideas of things to plan for on a vacation to the Inner Banks:


Because of the abundant waterways and rivers throughout the Inner Banks, kayaking is easily one of the more desirable water activities in the area. Kayaking is a calming and gradual activity, which is ideal for a place like the Inner Banks. Kayaking lends itself to sight-seeing, but from a whole new perspective. Glide along the steady waters of North Carolina rivers as you take in the beautiful views of historic lighthouses, like the Roanoke River Lighthouse.


The Inner Banks is a golfer’s dream. The open green landscape and local country clubs makes for a perfect golf retreat. You can practice your putting at one of the many golf courses, like the Chowan Golf and Country Club, located in Edenton, one of the several towns making up the Inner Banks.

Sailing Tour

You don’t have to be an avid sailor to take on the waters here. You can simply ride along on a sail tour and glide along the harbor while you learn about the local history. Many tours are small while others can accomodate larger groups. Liber-Tea Edenton Bay Cruise is one of the several sailing options you can take. These boats typically accommodate 6 people–an ideal group size for a family tour.

Civil War Sites

Because North Carolina is rich with history, why not explore the sites where history took place? Northeastern North Carolina was one of the first areas in North America to be settled by Europeans. Additionally, the Civil War makes up most of the region’s history, when it was once a productive farmland and shipping industry. There are many Civil War sites and trails to explore along the Inner Banks.

Local Restaurants

Lastly, but certainly not least, you should check out a few of the local resturants while in the area. Many of the family-owned businesses and restaurants provide farm to table experiences, like The Table, a restaurant located in the Inner Banks Inn. Sustainable and local farming is large part of the region, so don’t forget to plan for a few locals meals while visiting.

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