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Irvington, Virginia was first explored by John Smith in 1608. Plantation owners settled the area not much later and started growing tobacco for export to England. This historic town is home to around 600 people, but it still packs a lot of charm. Since it’s not overrun with people, it makes the ideal destination for a romantic weekend getaway. It is home to the Hope and Glory Inn that features its own vineyard.  For a town of small size, Irvington has a lot to offer for any couple looking to spend some quality time together. Here is our guide to a romantic weekend in Irvington.

Outdoor Activities

If you like the outdoors, you’ll love the protected waters of Carter’s Creek. Make the creek’s banks a point on your itinerary. Sit there and forget about the world for a bit while watching eagles, herons and ospreys. This creek also has some of the most spectacular sunsets in Virginia. You can take sailing lessons, charter a boat, or even play golf at the Golden Eagle or the King Carter course at Hills Quarter. Irvington is also home to a yacht club where you can attend numerous local and national events. If you come here between May and September, you can take a free trolley tour to nearby White Stone or Kilmarnock. Both are about five minutes away from Irvington.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

While in town, you should definitely have a romantic dinner and sample the local top favorites: Chesapeake Bay blue crab or Rappahannock River oysters.  Irvington itself has two restaurants, the Trick Bar – Bar & Bistro and The Local, both of which have excellent reviews. There are also several restaurants located in Irvington’s neighboring towns. If you want to venture just outside of Irvington for dinner, we recommend the Sandpiper Restaurant in White Stone and the Merroir Tasting Room in Topping. All four of these restaurants offer delicious comfort food to enjoy with your special someone over a drink.

Activities in Town

The center of this hospitable town has everything needed to keep you busy for the weekend. This includes boutiques, antique stores, restaurants and galleries. You can pick up locally grown produce for a picnic at the local farmers market, or get a nice bouquet of flowers for your better half.  Other highlights worth exploring include the Steamboat Era Museum, Objects Art and More and the Dog and Oyster Vineyard located at the Hope and Glory Inn. Objects Art and More is a world-class gallery that had a humble beginning. Back in the 1950s, it was a gas station. Today, it houses works by over 200 artists from all over the globe.

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