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It’s hard to tell what America’s position is on the LGBT community with how divided the country has been. Half of the country seems to be very any-LGBT while the other half waives their rainbow flags in support. While the general population argues over the topic, several businesses throughout the country have also picked a side. Though most stay out of the conversation, many are very vocal. On this list, you’ll find businesses that have a very particular reason to be pro-LGBT: they just so happen to be owned by members of the LGBT community.

Admiral’s Landing

This small bed and breakfast is one of the most vocally pro-LGBT businesses in Massachusetts. In fact, Admiral’s Landing’s owners and “hosts”, two women, have been married since 2006. The couple often visited the B&B’s town of Provincetown for the Fantasia Fair and decided to move there to run the B&B because of their love for the area. After purchasing Admiral’s Landing, they quickly hung a rainbow flag right over the front door and covered the website with positive LGBT images, many of which are of their own wedding day.


The Adrian and Shane noted in the company’s name are, in fact, the names of the gay couple who own and operate the business. Adrian and Shane are artists as well as activists, that have worked together since 1998. Their work targets tough themes like sexuality, confusion, family, and loss of identity in support of their community. The duo mostly paints, but they also sell t-shirts and prints.

Aviva Spectrum

This small accounting and auditing consulting firm is owned by Sonia Luna, a proud member of the LGBT community. Luna’s life hasn’t always been easy. As a lesbian, Mexican-American, and a woman, she has faced a lot of adversity, but she doesn’t let it hold her back. Luna’s business is doing incredibly well under her leadership and takes pride in their connection with NGLCC.

Bluestockings Bookstore

Located in Manhattan, the store promotes LGBT rights and feminism in the best way: through books. Bluestockings is a collectively-owned bookstore, but a vast majority of its owners and volunteers belong to the LGBT community. The bookstore is one of the most feminist businesses in the world, stocking books that mostly or exclusively touch on feminist and queer subjects.


TapSnap is a Silicon Valley gem that provides photo booths and green screens for events, and even offers digital props and social media integration with their service. The company was recently named one of Silicon Valley’s top 20 LGBT-owned companies, a list compiled by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Both Kristen Welch and Poli Aki, TapSnap’s owners, are members of the LGBT community, and the company is actively involved in the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce of Silicon Valley.

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