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When you think of a coastal vacation, your mind most likely pictures a tropical paradise full of sandy beaches and clear blue waters. However, there is another coast that you are missing out on. It’s the breathtaking coast of the state of Oregon. The beautiful Pacific Northwest features craggy shorelines, a temperate climate and plenty of attractions to explore and fall in love with. Here are five reasons why you should take an Oregon Coast vacation.
1. The Oregon Coast is road trip friendly.

The Oregon section of the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (Highway 101) is 363 miles long and takes you along the entire Oregon Coast. The drive is gorgeous and takes you through beaches, bays and temperate rain forests. This drive takes between 10 and 12 hours, so you’ll want to stretch it out over a few days if you’re planning to stop at multiple attractions along the way. There are a multitude of towns and cities to stop at along the way, each offering attractions, restaurants and lodgings.

2. You’ll get in touch with nature.

An Oregon state law makes the Oregon Coast accessible to everyone. All of the beautiful nature surrounding you is open for you to explore. And best of all? Most of it is free! Explore beaches, tidal pools, forests, sand dunes and more. The Oregon Coast features an abundance of state parks, so you’ll be able to affordably get up close and personal with nature.

3. There are activities and attractions galore.

The Oregon Coast has something for everyone. There are maritime museums, aquariums, lighthouses, historic buildings and ghost towns. You can participate in sand dune surfing, zip lining, whale watching and boating. There are casinos, art galleries and performing arts to experience. No matter what your interests, you’ll be able to easily find something to do.

4. The seafood is amazing.

The coast offers an opportunity for seafood lovers to experience fresh and delicious seafood. You can feast on clam chowder, crab, scallops, salmon and other kinds of seafood. Pair a delicious bowl of clam chowder with fresh sourdough bread for the ultimate Pacific Northwest culinary experience.

5. There are tons of breweries and wineries to explore.

There are a number of craft beer breweries and wineries along the Oregon Coast. Indulge yourself with wine and cheese tastings. Or experience the craft brewing trend and taste unique flavors of beer. You’ll be able to bring a taste of the Oregon Coast back home with you.

As you can see, there is so much to experience on the Oregon Coast that you’ll want to come back to take in all of the things that you didn’t have time for. And, unless you plan to live out of your car you will need some place to stay as well throughout your road trip. Starfish Vacation Rentals features beautiful vacation homes and condos all along the Oregon Coast, so be sure to look at them for your lodging needs. The gorgeous coast of Oregon is a place you’ll want to come back to again and again.

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