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In many homes, it is inevitable for carpet to get wet. Spills are common on carpets, and in some homes, leaks or floods occur often. You want to resolve the problem quickly before the odor gets worse. Here are several ways to get rid of that wet carpet smell.

Dry Out the Carpet

Moisture, humidity or mold are the common causes of a wet carpet smell. Remove the source of the odor by drying out the carpet first. Use large fans with the heads pointed downward to dry the carpet thoroughly. Remove the humidity by using a dehumidifier, turning on the air conditioner or opening the windows to let in cool air.

Use Deodorizers

Once the carpet is dry, use carpet deodorizers. Do not use regular perfume or air fresheners because the chemicals cannot penetrate the fibers. Use a powder deodorizer that clings onto the fibers and contains strong chemicals that mask the worst smells.

Baking soda is effective at removing some odors from carpets and clothing. Using natural products like baking soda or vinegar is generally effective, but not effective enough at removing the worst smells. Also, some deodorizers are made to mask smells instead of remove them.

Hire a Professional

The most effective option to remove a wet carpet smell is to hire professional carpet cleaning (in my area I rely on ServiceMaster of Charleston). Every company is different, so learn about the different odor eliminating processes first. Some companies use dry cleaning methods to keep the carpet entirely dry during the process. Other companies use steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, to remove deep stains and odors. They have truck-mounted equipment with long suction hoses that are designed to remove any carpet problem.

If you cannot dry a carpet in time, you are left with a musty odor that permeates throughout the house. You could have mold underneath the carpet that could grow and increase the problem. To remove your wet carpet smell, the best method is to remove the odor and its source, which is best handled by a professional. Hire an experienced cleaner to take care of your carpet and restore freshness to your house.

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