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Dan Marino and the Dolphins is our nationally known and well deserving football team in highlight. Great football and fans have placed Dan Marino as a favorite football celebrity to watch for in NFL. You might have a treasure trove of NFL tapes advertising Dan Marino with the dolphins, Dan Marino as the dolphins first round draft pick back in 1983. Daniel Constantine Marino will now have to share his long standing and treasured first round draft pick into the NFL with the Dolphins, with our new first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill of the Texas A&M Aggies college football team.

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill had great standing as coaches wouldn’t hesitate to praise Tannehills performance for Texas A and M college football. All four seasons with Texas A and M Aggies football team earned him notoriety and great college turf credo from coach recommendations , and notice of his outstanding performance. Nearly all of the coaches in the All Big 12 section continually gave Tannehill honorable mention.

Ryan Tannehill with the Aggies of Texas A and M football constantly showed up for football game playing rough and challenging positions like wide receiver. You can accredit Tannehill with more then 14430 yards ran, and more catches per game then other players; 35 out of 45 football catches in game. These stats begin to add up for Tannehills success in the NFL football league, as well as his shining college career. With above average playing ability and more completed passes per game, you can match up Tannehills performance ability enough with Dan Marino’s dolphin performance statistics.

The Dolphins gave in to fans and picked up Tannehill. Tannehill was 8th in the draft, and the third best choice for the Dolphins. Dolphins fans wanted another player to look at, and Tannehill sure had all the right stats to impress Dolphin owners. There are many factors that go into picking a dolphin quarterback, a key balance of accuracy and quickness with footballs rules, and time of execution. There are some times when Tannehill shows some manageable flaws, but out of his own performance comes a rush of statistics that make up for any of his shortcoming in playing football for the Dolphins.

Dan Marino, drafted by the Dolphins in 1983, b...

Dan Marino, drafted by the Dolphins in 1983, became a Hall of Famer in 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tannehill was also picked because of his ability with the Dolphins playbook. Again a key combination of accuracy and speed shows up when needing to remember and speed through the Dolphin professional NFL playbook. A key requirement to expensive football strategies, your team’s playbook. Even though Ryan Tannehill has some flaw, the dolphins can recognize and work with players on their physique, and have great coaches for high fashion football. Being fresh from college like Mr. Tannehill is, seasoned professional sorts shaves on velocity with perfect stances, and looks for players that are good enough to be streamlined by physical science. Tannehill can show up to all hi sown games and perform in rough team positions, The Dolphins thought highly of a constant player that can be made to look good in ads performing as well. Seasoned NFL teams look for that and can get almost car design quality out of their players, even ballerina like and perfect to look at both for the cameras and the soda commercials. If you see Ryan Tannehill in balerina school for balance and asthetic pleasures for the audience, don’t make fun of Mr. Tannehill, admire his capacity for attention to detail while performing professional football on T.V.. Tannehill promises to be more then a great QB, also actor qualities as well for shining on the playing fields in NFL gamedays.

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