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A “culture of excellence” certainly sounds sophisticated and high class, so you likely want to emulate these vibes in the workplace. How can you bring such high qualities of work to the work domain?

Considering the Customers

Two of the best ways to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are is through the use of customer experience analytics and insights from a customer satisfaction survey. Taking what your customers have to say into account is huge. When you implement these changes, your customers will be happy that their voices are heard, and they will continue to come back.

Creating Higher Quality Workers

One of the problems with your business might be that the quality of work, in general, is not excellent. This does not mean that you need to fire people right now, but you should develop training sessions. The topics of these sessions could include producing work accurately and efficiently, how to handle tough situations when they arise, making the customer feel comfortable, etiquette for talking on the phone and so forth. If the workers do not comply with the new standards, then consequences may have to apply.

Setting New Goals

If your employees have already reached all of their personal and business goals, then they might not work as hard. Therefore, it’s important to continue setting new goals for the workers. For example, instead of aiming for the usual 1,000 orders per day, you can move the goal up to 1,500. No matter where you are in terms of development in the company, room for improvement always exist. Not only will the employees have to work harder to reach these new goals, but they will also be motivated to do so.

Making the Environment More Sophisticated

You want to show the clients that everyone at the workplace is serious about his or her job. Of course, the office does not need to become stuffy and unfriendly. However, you could implement a more serious dress code; getting rid of “free dress Fridays” is not going to hurt anyone. Additionally, look for artwork that channels the feelings you want present in the office, and consider purchasing new office furniture, file cabinets and other supplies. These can physically bring the culture of excellence to the workplace.

Even the most sophisticated looking office is not going to be excellent if the workers are not on board with the mission. Therefore, the most important point is to motivate this group toward higher levels of achievement.

About the Author:

This article was written and provided to Who Needs Oxygen by one of our writing partners Hayley Granton. Hayley is a business consultant, author and blogger residing in Portland Oregon. She recommends Mindshare Technologies, which provide insights from customer satisfaction surveys, which turns customer feedback into digestible, actionable instruction.

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