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Charlottesville, Virginia is full of great finds–wonderful history, beautiful parks, and even some of the best downtown shops. Spending a day in the old shopping district is fulfilling as you never know what you’ll find among the unique shops. Here are four shops in Downtown Charlottesville you won’t want to pass up:


This shop was originally made to sell shoes, but after more than two decades, it decided to reach its full potential in retail and provide a truly unique shopping experience. Items you’ll find in the store are very selective–they are chosen based on timeliness and their craftsmanship. This shop is on the higher end, upscale experience, though is definitely worth a visit.

Rock Paper Scissors

The original owner of Rock Paper Scissors helped open Scarpa, and its main goal for this shop to ultimately bring happiness to its cusomters and make them feel welcome. This is a paper goods store, selling all kinds of products for special occasions–including bridal services. The two-owners of the shop specialize in bridal branding services to make sure their client’s wedding looks great on paper. Shoppers don’t have to be having a wedding, though, to stop in and take a look. If you’re sending a card to a friend or family member, there is something at Rock Paper Scissors for anyone.

Alakazam Toys

Have children? Then this one is for them, and you, too. Experience all the magic that the local store, Alakazam Toys, brings. They are focused on keeping the magic alive for all ages–including adults. Alakazam hopes to encourage creative, interactive, and imaginative play. Shoppers can expect to find everything from medieval swords to fairy wings, and so much more.

Daedalus Bookstore

If you love getting lost in a sea of books, then visit Daedalus Bookstore in Downtown Charlottsville. Some of the best book finds can be found here. It’s a quaint little bookshop, with more than 100,000 books to read and choose from. Find many fiction  books here, along with three floors full of out-of-print, one of a kind books. They’ve even had some coverage from The Washington Post, calling them a three-story temple of secondhand lit.

About the Author: Natalie is a guest contributor from Prospect Hill Plantation Inn, a comfortable bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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