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For me, Michael Bolton music is a tribute to my youth. His unique singing voice and carefree and easy going songs about love and passion are music to my ears. What really shot his career into the starlight was his album Time, Love & Tendernes. Released in 1991, the album features some of his all-time greats like “Love is a Wonderful Thing” and “Missing You Now” that features the great saxophonist Kenny G. However, my favorite song that doesn’t get as much media attention from that album is Steel Bars. The song is about obsession and the binding love Michael probably has for another wild soul. The lyrics are complex, passionate and eloquent, just the way a Michael Bolton song should be.

What most people don’t know is that Bob Dylan helped co-write the song, but took little credit for its great success. Just on a random afternoon, Michael and Bob sat down and messed around with some chords and out came Steel Bars. What you also may not know about Michael Bolton is his styles of music changed dramatically throughout his career. He began recording hard rock music in 1975, and his band Blackjack toured with Ozzy Osbourne. I wouldn’t mind seeing him belt out some Ozzy songs today just to see what they would sound like.

Although you may think Michael’s dropped off the carts in recent years, he’s made some great come back recordings with some great hits with the Lonely Island in pirate form.  He’s made many celebrity appearances in movies and on television, and he’s released three Christmas albums. Sweet Jesus! Although he doesn’t have any plans to release any new albums anytime soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has one last great album up his sleeves. If you are looking for anything metal, you won’t be finding it here, but you can find some cold drawn steel from Capital Steel & Wire, the material that makes steel bars, which inspired Michael Bolton’s music.

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