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bbfGrand Rapids, Michigan. It’s Beer City USA, a place for artists, and a thriving community named one of the best for raising a family. Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan with many surrounding suburbs that are constantly developing and welcoming new families every day. The school systems offer wonderful educational opportunities for students and near the city is a popular and growing college, Grand Valley State University. What makes the area so unique is its culture, its artistic qualities, and its year-round events and festivals drawing in thousands of people each year.

People looking to move to Michigan or transfer towns within the state often look to the suburbs of Grand Rapids because of their close proximity to the city and great reputations for raising a family. Here are the best suburbs of Grand Rapids:


Ada is an upscale Grand Rapids suburb east of the city. The location is considered one of the best given its location to the main city. Professionals who work in the city often choose Ada as a place to live on the outskirts, but it’s only a short drive to Grand Rapids.

Byron Center

Soutwest of Grand Rapids is Byron Center, a suburb of Grand Rapids that is known for its modern living with high quality houses and apartments. Like Ada, Byron Center is also a desired place to live for working professionals, however, those who might be retired will find a place in Byron Center as it’s a very quiet town to settle.


Caledonia is only a short 25-minute drive from the city. It’s just far enough away from Grand Rapids to give those looking for a complete suburban life the peace they need yet it’s still close enough to the hustle and bustle of a thriving city. Caledonia has some of the best schools in the city, as well. Rolling hills, well-maintained parks, and trail systems also provide those in the area with many outdoor opportunities.


For those looking for a place to settle that also lends itself to many activities, Cascade can offer both. Cascade is a close to many great commercial establishments, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail shops, and many more establishments offering goods and services. The town is growing every day in size. At the moment, there are more than 17,000 residents in Cascade, which is explains why it’s a very developed commercial area, as well.

East Grand Rapids

If you want an easy commute to work, an amazing education system with high standards for students, and many outdoor activities right outside your doorstep, East Grand Rapids can deliver. It’s another Grand Rapids suburb nestled in the heart of Kent County. East Grand Rapids sits on the shore of Reeds Lake with many nature trails and bike paths throughout the city.

Forest Hills

This upper-middle class community is a Grand Rapids suburb that is home to many historic and new homes. Forest Hills is great for those who want a tight-knit community. A lot of the establishments in Forest Hills are within walking distance, including schools and hospitals. For families who wish to be fully invested in dropping their children off at school, parents can easily walk their kids to school. Of course, Forest Hills is surrounded by beautiful, towering pines. The views are amazing and many of the homes sit on rivers within the town.


Grandville is a hot spot in the Grand Rapids community for several reasons. Grandville is home to the largest mall in the city, beautiful, upscale homes, and a thriving artist district. The town has a diverse list of parks and trails, so the area is also great for those who enjoy the outdoors.


New homeowners or those just starting a family might find Kentwood to be a great place to settle. The area is very diverse and there is always something going on. Kentwood, like many of the Grand Rapids suburbs, makes commutes to the city very easy for working professionals. The school system also holds very high standards, comprising of one high school, a freshman campus, three middle schools, and ten elementary schools


The small town of Rockford, once a Native American settlement, is another great area for families just starting out or those who might already have large established families. There seems to always be something happening Rockford, whether it’s a parade to celebrate the current holiday or a benefit for a cause. This is a close community of wonderful people. You can stop by the local Rockford Farm Market or head over to the Rockford Dam Overlook, a recently renovated area that is ideal for picnicking or fishing.


Another short drive from the city of Grand Rapids is this excellent suburb, Wyoming. The area has seen a lot of development in the past, and has grown to be a thriving community of new families moving to the area. Additionally, it’s only a short 20-minute drive to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and 30 miles away from Lake Michigan. The location is truly wonderful for families who also love to try new things and always have something going on.

Each suburb in Grand Rapids has a unique quality about it, but altogether, the Grand Rapids community is a wonderful place to live and is always changing and expanding. If you’re ever looking to move to one of these great locations, you can contact a Grand Rapids realtor to learn even more about these areas.

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